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Government makes no apologies

The federal government announced on Friday it would refund $721 million to hundreds of thousands of Australians charged debts under the flawed robo-debt welfare scheme.

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Credit ratings safe from COVID-19

Loan repayment deferrals and deferred payments on any other credit product during the COVID-19 crisis will not incur a bad credit rating, says the Australian Banking Association.

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Help from unlikely sources

Australians expecting to do it tough during the coronavirus pandemic are receiving a helping hand from banks and the Australian Tax Office, which are both providing assistance measures and support in the wake of a crisis.

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Risking it all on RBA decisions

Nearly one in five Australians was left hanging after making financial decisions to prepare for a rate cut that never came, according to new research.


Until debt do you part

Many divorces could be avoided if couples did a credit check on their partner before they tied the knot or moved in together, says a leading Australian Consumer and Financial law firm.

Age Pension

How is a loan repayment assessed?

What happens when you borrow money, then lend it to one of your children and they can’t pay it back? Then what happens after you’ve covered their repayments and they pay you back? How does Centrelink assess this? Noel Whittaker has the answer.

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Robo-debt scheme hits new low

Centrelink’s scheme has been ramped up a notch, according to a top QC, who says information about the time limit on alleged debts has been ‘misleading’.

Centrelink News

Over-65s robo-debt’s next target?

Leaked documents obtained by Guardian Australia show that pensioners could be robo-debt’s next target, under a proposed expansion of Centrelink’s automated debt collection program.

Age Pension

What to do if you get a debt notice

Phillip has been told he is in debt for Age Pension overpayments and wants to know how to challenge the ruling.


Credit card providers on notice

Credit card providers have vowed to improve their practices in the wake of a damning report that found more than one in six consumers were struggling with debt.

Credit Cards

Credit card switcheroos that work

While there is no limit to the number of times you can relocate your card debt to reduce the interest you pay, there are some pitfalls to watch out for.


Debt vultures in probe’s sights

A Senate inquiry that starts today will focus on debt vultures – those unscrupulous agencies offering to fix bad credit ratings or to manage debt, but delivering little.

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