Debt vultures in probe’s sights

A Senate inquiry that starts today will focus on debt vultures – those unscrupulous agencies offering to fix bad credit ratings or to manage debt, but delivering little.


Six effective ways to spend less

Many of us have had years of experience managing our finances, but it’s never too late to hone our skills and learn new ways to have more control over our money.

Credit Cards

Clearing debt on an Age Pension

It’s possible to make inroads into credit card debt while on an Age Pension, our expert advises.

Credit Cards

We’re drowning in credit card debt

Australia’s credit card balance is about $45 billion and one in six people are struggling with their debt, according to an ASIC report.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Robo-debt appeals success

Have you received a debt recovery notice from Centrelink? Did you doubt its accuracy? Did you consider an appeal? You may want to following recent results in a federal tribunal.


‘We’ll be dead before debt is paid’

We'll be dead before the national debt is paid off, warns former Treasurer Peter Costello ahead of tonight's 'pre-election' Federal Budget 2018.

Mortgage & home Loans

Bank practice putting seniors at risk

Now that the property market bubble is easing, there are concerns poor banking practice and irresponsible lending during the real estate boom will spell ruination for many retirees.


Beat back these big money fears

Research suggests the big money bogeymen keeping older Australians awake at night are mortgage repayments, living costs and affordable healthcare.


Debt, super, Age Pension all linked

It seems that the type of household debt held by Australians changes with each generation, but the amount stays the same – and it has important implications for the super industry.

Centrelink News

Govt admits to incorrect debt notices

The Turnbull Government has admitted that almost 20,000 debt-recovery notices it issued via the Centrelink robo-debt program were either way off or wrong.


Should you bundle your debts?

Dodgy lenders are out to get their hands on your cash, your house, your whatever. They can smell blood, and the more you owe and the more desperate you are, the harder they will try to con you.


How to deal with overwhelming debt

Struggling with debt and money problems is tough, however the worst thing you can do is ignore a problem and hope it goes away. Here’s how to manage overwhelming debt.

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