Can you get free financial help?

When it comes to financial matters, the best advice is tailored to your situation. So is there a way that you can access reliable financial information without a fee?

Finance News

Household debt at an all-time high

Australia’s household debts levels are so high that many will be left vulnerable should we see a rise in global interest rates or any other economic downturn.


Pawnbroking perks and pitfalls

The seedy image of pawnbrokers may have been glamorised in the US, but Down Under there are still mixed feelings towards these ‘money lenders’.


Mum and Dad’s payback

Tough personal loan criteria, mounting university debt and soaring housing prices mean that the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is doing a roaring trade.


Senator’s debt waived

The Federal Government has decided to waive former senator Bob Day’s debt to the nation, after being told Mr Day may not be in a financial position to repay his senator salary.


Debt management firms in the gun

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has started a crackdown on misleading advertising by debt management firms, fining one and ordering others to remove false claims.


Four money rules you could break

Money rules exist to keep you on track with your financial security, but there are many ‘truisms’ that may not always deliver. Here are four money rules you could break.


Avoiding debt disaster

The NBN is becoming more readily available to homes across Australia, however, many households are unaware of the consequences of not switching over.

Finance News

A simple way to save $800 a year

Are you missing out on hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings each year because you don’t know about this simple trick?


Australia’s mortgage nightmare

The latest mortgage figures tell a dark tale of Australian homeowners being among the world's most indebted with more than $1 trillion in borrowings.


Is bankruptcy the only option?

Pauline and her husband see no way out of their financial mire and are considering bankruptcy. But is this extreme course of action the only answer?

Centrelink – Services Australia

The Centrelink scandal continues

Although the Government asserts that it has reclaimed $300 million in debts owed by welfare recipients, it refuses to disclose exactly how much money it has recovered.

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