The largest giveaway in TV history

Comedian John Oliver has staged what could be the largest giveaway in television history, buying, then forgiving, medical debt totalling almost US$15 million.

Mortgage & home Loans

Reduce your mortgage by 10 years

RateCity’s Money Editor Sally Tindall believes it’s possible to slash over 10 years off your mortgage and save thousands of dollars in interest by following these simple tips.

Finance News

Hardship register to help those in debt

If you’re one of the many Australians who have trouble repaying your debts, then you’ll be glad to know that you may qualify to be listed on a new national register that will get the debt collectors off your case.

Credit Cards

Your credit score explained

Those feeling the pinch after the excess of December may be tempted to apply for a new credit card or loan to ease the burden. Before you do, learn how your credit score is calculated.

Credit Cards

Common credit card mistakes

Credit cards are an essential part of the modern wallet or purse, not only for the convenience of credit, but also for the opportunity to improve your credit score. But there are pitfalls.

How much is enough?

Older Australians retiring in debt

A recent survey of more than 1000 Australians has revealed that older Australians are carrying higher levels of debt into retirement than the previous generation.

Banking & Investment

Learn from your financial mistakes

Everyone has made mistakes, after all, we’re only human, and it’s likely that some of our mistakes relate to finances. While mistakes can’t always be avoided, you can try and learn from them, including those commonly made by others.

Our budget black hole

Fixing the budget black hole.

Credit Cards

Consolidating your debt

Paul Clitheroe explains the pros and cons of debt consolidation

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Reverse Mortgage Calculator

A reverse mortgage allows you to borrow money secured against your home, without having to pay back either the amount you borrowed or the interest due until you leave your home or die. Instead, your debt and interest builds up (or compounds) over time.

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