Living in retirement

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Quarterly statistics would seem to be bread and butter for Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff, but he has a cautionary tale.

Retirement Affordability Index

Converting savings to income

A wider range of products and services must be developed to deliver the best retirement possible, says independent consultant and adviser Stephen Huppert.

Retirement Affordability Index

Complex system makes advice critical

The retirement income system is setting people up to fail because of its complexity, writes Super Consumers director Xavier O’Halloran.

Finance News

Spend your age and a bit more

Australians actuaries have worked out a simple ‘rule of thumb’ to reduce your risk of running out of retirement savings and ensure you have a better retirement.

Finance News

How to manage the retirement years

You’ve accumulated as much super as you can and retirement is the next stop. But you need to know how to organise your assets to fund the next, perhaps, 30 years. How does it work?