Age Pension payment rates

Boost for pensioners expected

A cut to deeming rates is expected this week as part of a federal government economic package to stimulate an economy reeling from the effects of the coronavirus and a summer of bushfires.

Finance News

‘Super has failed Australians’

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello believes compulsory super has failed Australians, pointing out major flaws in the system and the need for reform in the sector.

Age Pension

Pension boost unlikely to help many

Freedom of Information documents reveal the change to deeming rates is insignificant.

Age Pension

Jack’s deeming rate dilemma

Jack wants to know which of his investments may be exempt from deeming rates.

Centrelink News

Age Pension boost on the way

Single pensioners could be up to $804 a year better off and couples $1000 a year better off after September’s new deeming rate drop, new modelling from AMP shows.

Age Pension payment rates

Age Pension ‘not liveable’

The base rate of the Age Pension is not a liveable amount, deeming rates must reflect reality and too many older Australians are hell-bent on leaving an inheritance for the kids, say members.


More please say age pensioners

Pensioners say they are pleased but that increase is paltry and will make little difference.


Rate cut “too little too late”

Almost one million Australians will be better off by around $804 a year, after the Government announced a reduction in the deeming rates on Sunday.

Deeming rates for Age Pension

Government needs to step up

Labor analysis reveals that pensioners stand to gain thousands of dollars each year should the Government step up and reduce deeming rates.


Pressure builds on deeming rates

Is the Reserve Bank about to deliver the first back-to-back interest rate cuts since 2012 and take cash rates to a record low of one per cent?


Push to adjust deeming rates

The loss of returns from retirees’ long-term savings as official interest rates drop to record levels has led to an intensified push for a change to deeming rates.

Age Pension

Deeming rates: are they too high?

Like many retirees, Karen believes that deeming rates are simply too high, especially when the money is being held by a nursing home.

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