Aged care reforms

A much-leaked statement by the Prime Minister today means the detail of a new approach to Aged Care is the hot media topic this morning.

Aged care system fails dementia sufferers

Alzheimer’s Australia has released a report stating that the Australian aged care system is failing dementia sufferers and their families. The research was conducted as part of the national conversation on aged care reform. More than 1000 people attended 16 consultations run by Alzheimer’s Australia across the nation.


Why is dementia so scary?

Dementia is scary. There is no cure, it can manifest in different ways, it does not discriminate between the organic vegans and the fast-food junkies and there are 1600 new cases in Australia every single week. According to research that number will have doubled in 20 years if we don’t make any breakthroughs regarding the cause or the cure in that time.

Mental Health

Mind your mind

Alzheimer’s Australia has undertaken extensive research into the way different factors can reduce the likelihood of suffering from dementia in later years. Known as the “seven mind-your-mind signposts”, they spell out simple yet effective techniques for keeping your mind healthy.

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