Do-it-yourself anti-dementia

Sunday regular Peter Leith applauds a social group that puts simplicity before governance.

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Researchers closer to detecting memory problems years in advance

Researchers say they may now be able to predict memory problems far in advance – and begin treatment – by identifying brain activity patterns.

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Too much of this can kill you – and your brain: study

Heart failure, stroke, kidney problems, osteoporosis. oedema – all are conditions linked to high salt intake. According to a new study, you should now add an increased risk of dementia to that list.

Aged Care

Prioritise non-drug treatments for dementia sufferers: study

An analysis of studies that involved more than 23,000 people with dementia has found that sufferers do better without drugs.


Hearing aids linked to lower risk of dementia

Two studies have concluded that people who wear hearing aids for age-related hearing problems maintain better brain function than those who do not.


Poor oral health linked to depression and cognitive decline

New research reveals how oral health is connected to psychological wellbeing and overall health, and how poor oral health is associated with decreased quality of life, depression and cognitive decline.


Simple kit could ease confusion for dementia sufferers

Researchers believe they may have the key to helping people with dementia when they need to be hospitalised.

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Daytime napping an early sign of Alzheimer’s: research

If you find yourself wanting afternoon naps more often than not, new research suggests that you may have early signs of Alzheimer’s.


Could marriage stave off dementia?

Dementia and marital status could be linked, according to a new Michigan State University study that found married people are less likely to experience dementia as they age.

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Migraine diagnoses positively associated with dementia

Migraines can be painful and debilitating, but they could also be a sign of something much worse, say European researchers, who have positively linked migraines with dementia.


People living in rural areas may have lower dementia risk

People who live in regional or remote areas may be at lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Health news

Scientists can now manipulate brain cells using a smartphone

Scientists have invented a device that can control neural circuits using a tiny brain implant controlled by a smartphone.

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