How to minimise the discomfort of sensitive teeth

If your teeth hurt when you eat ice cream, drink hot beverages, or eat sour foods or citrus, you may have ‘sensitive teeth’.


Gingivitis, periodontitis may cause heart disease

If you believe that poor dental hygiene is confined to your mouth, think again. A US study has found that oral infections that ruin teeth are linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

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Dental Health: more ways you may be ruining your teeth

You brush, you whiten, you floss, but are you going too far with your dental care? And are you paying enough attention to other factors that may be doing harm to your pearly whites?

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Healthy smile, healthy body

Many of us don’t realise that our mouths are a gateway to the rest of the body. What we put in our mouths and how we care for our mouths not only affects our dental health, but our overall health. n

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What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is all the rage amongst wellness warriors, but could a tablespoon of coconut oil really improve your dental health?

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Floss to increase your life expectancy

Weird but true: flossing your teeth daily increases your life expectancy. Find out why and add years to your life.

Federal Budget

Dental health - Budget 2011

Improved access to public dental health will be welcomed by many Australians for whom a visit to the dentist provokes a reaction of fear and loathing – not at the actual treatment itself but at the bill presented upon completion. The Government is investing $53million over four years to provide support for 150 internship places targeted at public dental health facilities. This will in theory improve access to dental services for those on low incomes.