How your dentist can tell a lot more about your health than you think

Dentists check more than just your oral health. From cancer to diabetes and even mild strokes, they can tell a lot more about your health than you think.


Beware the potential pain in dental tourism

Around 15,000 Australians are travelling overseas each year and spending up to $300 million on healthcare, including dental procedures, but what are the risks?


Connections: Back problems guaranteed, so who’d be a dentist?

It’s the final day of Dental Health Week. We thought it timely to talk with dentist Steven Colman because he has seen it all after 45 years in the business.


Medicare-funded dental system

Tony Abbot called for the introduction of a Medicare-funded dental system on Tuesday this week. The Opposition Leader stated in his first major speech for the year that cheaper dentistry was “an aspiration not a commitment” and that such a program would not be possible until the Budget returns to a strong surplus.

Tony Abbot promises dental care. Or does he?

Because, on closer inspection, Tony Abbot didn’t actually say anything. All he did was promise to think about introducing a dental element to the current Medicare system after “the Budget returns to a strong surplus”.