Advice to lower Centrelink satisfaction goals rejected

Rather than being encouraged to pick up its game on the customer service front, the Department of Human Services (DHS) has been told to scrap Centrelink's customer satisfaction goals.


Age Pension: can Troy get financial assistance from Centrelink?

Troy is in desperate need of money to fix his old boiler and would like to know if there’s an alternative to the high interest loans he often sees advertised.


Early report reveals signs that cashless welfare card trial is working

The cashless welfare card has shown positive signs, with decreased alcoholism, homelessness and pokie spending, but is it enough to warrant the program being expanded across Australia?


Retired man trying to save Medicare threatened by the DHS instead

A 66-year-old activist grandfather who is trying to ‘save Medicare’ has been legally threatened by the DHS for doing the same thing politicians have been doing for years.

Claiming your pension overseas

New Zealand pension claims

Cynthia would like clarification on how the increased working-life residency requirement for the Age Pension will affect those from New Zealand.

Income and asset tests

Is Newstart classed as income?

Alexandra’s husband has submitted a claim for the Age Pension and she would like to know if her subsequent claim for the Newstart Allowance will affect his eligibility.


Centrelink privacy breach

An official from Centrelink has left behind personal details belonging to 23 clients at a suburban railway station, sparking an investigation by federal privacy authorities.

Income and asset tests

Will I lose my part Age Pension?

Peter is earning income on a casual basis and would like to know how this will affect his eligibility for a part Age Pension.


Young Luke let down by the system

11-year-old Luke Batty had his life taken from him in a cruel and violent manner.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Possible DSP changes

Sue has heard that there may be changes to the hours which one can work while claiming the DSP.

Income and asset tests

Gift or income?

Brian has been giving his son some accounting assistance but doesn’t know whether the money he has received is classed as a gift or income.

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