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Decadent Dark Chocolate, Pistachio and Dried Cherry Torte

This delicious torte has a crunchy base and cakey top, and is the perfect option for pudding or afternoon tea - or both!

Cakes & Baking

Healthier blueberry muffins

Store-bought blueberry muffins are packed full of sugar, so here’s how to make a healthier version at home


Roberta’s Hazelnut and Butterscotch Pull-Aparts

Once you’ve seen how easy it is to make Hazelnut and Butterscotch Pull-Aparts, try savoury pull-aparts filled with herbs, cheese or tapenade. They’re great to serve with soup.

Cakes & Baking

Dark Chocolate Fondants with Slow Roasted Quince and Double Cream

Whip up your own twist on this innovative dish, and win!


Individual Strawberry and Passionfruit Pavlovas

Aah, pavlova. This NZ-invented, Australian-claimed recipe is so versatile and fresh that it never seems to go out of style. Why not whip up your own twist in this classic dish and win!

Cakes & Baking

Heavenly Caramel Apple Pie

Laced with caramel sauce, this new version of a classic favourite apple pie makes the perfect finish to any meal.


Golden Syrup Dumplings

Golden Syrup Dumplings make the ultimate comfort-food dessert, and our version is super easy to make. Keep leftovers in the fridge to enjoy a warm, delicious treat throughout the week.

Cakes & Baking

Ten of the best classic desserts that deserve a comeback

From bananas and custard to bread and butter pudding, here are 10 classic desserts that taste just like the good ol’ days.


Coconut Rice Pudding

If you are after a comforting sweet treat, then why not try our Coconut Rice Pudding? While simple, it is delicious, and is made special by adding coconut milk and toasted coconut.

Cakes & Baking

Simple Pumpkin and Walnut Cupcakes

These are particularly moist and delicious cupcakes, aided by the pumpkin even though the flavour is barely noticeable.


Luke Hines’ Apple and Berry Crumble Cups

These little Apple and Berry Crumble Cups are a particularly special way to serve a classic dessert. And they can be whipped up in no time, which makes them the perfect treat for any day of the week.


Louise Cakes from Gran’s Kitchen

Louise Cakes are a tasty sweet treat straight out of Gran’s Kitchen. They’re quick and easy to make and perfect for afternoon tea time with friends.

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