Everything you need to know about Scotland's rainforest

Rainforest is not a word typically associated with Scotland. Here's what you need to know about Scotland's rainforest.


The most luxurious cities in the world revealed has looked at the number of lavish venues in cities all over the world to determine the most luxurious destinations.


World's safest city for 2021 revealed

This European capital has overtaken Tokyo and Singapore as the world's safest city.

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The best travel deals of the week

Travel companies are so keen to get you out and about they're offering amazing deals on short break holidays packages, weekends away and city accommodation.

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The weirdest, wackiest, tourism promo you'll ever see

Denver's latest tourism promo is truly a work of art but will leave you scratching your head and wondering if you're having a flashback.


Top 10 things to do in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is known around the world for its iconic national treasures. Here are 10 must-dos when visiting the NT.


Visit one of the most welcoming pubs in the UK

The Peak District is one of the UK's most popular hiking spots. But the Duncombe Arms is proof you can still find calm corners to relax.


Loch Ness Monster 'sighting' sends experts scrambling

It's been a while since 'Nessie' made headlines, but the mythical monster was recently 'spotted' on drone footage captured by a Scottish camper. Or was it?

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Northern Territory first to offer vaccine incentive

Tourism Northern Territory becomes first Australian tourism body to offer incentives to fully vaccinated travellers.

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Aussie destination has its Indigenous name restored

The world's largest sand island, Fraser Island, is the latest destination to have its Aboriginal name restored.


Exploring South Africa's wild garden wilderness

Strewn with wildflowers and breathtaking fauna, South Africa's Northern Cape is a botanist's dream.

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Unusual European traditions

You might be in for a shock when you hear about these weird and wonderful European traditions.

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