Enjoying my very own Fear and Loathing moment in Las Vegas

Have you ever had a time when things weren’t going the way you’d planned, then, you looked around and realised that the ideal experience for which you were searching was staring you in the face?


Qantas has revealed its 2017 in-flight safety video

Qantas has revealed its latest in-flight safety video and, if you thought last year’s was good, just wait ’til you see how beautiful Australia and its people look in this one.


Six great reasons to visit South Australia

South Australia is more than wine and churches; it’s home to rich culture, wondrous hills and valleys, and extreme wilderness. Jessica Abdo suggests six reasons why you should visit SA.


Can you experience Italy on a budget?

Every year, Australians are lured by the history of Rome, the architecture of Venice and the art of Florence. But is it possible to experience the culture and cuisine of Italy on a budget?


Chasing the Aurora Borealis in the northern hemisphere

As with many Australians, seeing the Northern Lights is high on Richard’s bucket list. In today’s Travel SOS, he asks Lee Mylne about the best spot to see the Aurora Borealis.

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra: one good thing after another

You’d be amazed at how few people have visited Canberra, even though it’s our capital. Here’s how to make the most of 48 hours in Australia's only planned city.


An affordable tropical island holiday? You can do it!

If you think that an Australian tropical island holiday is out of reach, think again. Today, Leon shares just how affordable (and how much fun) a stay on Daydream Island can be.


Where you want to go in 2017

Never mind where all the other tourists will be heading next year, over 4000 YourLifeChoices members have spoken. Pens and bucket list at the ready …


Off the beaten tourist path in Paris

When you’ve stopped being blinded by the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, here are four hidden places off the tourist track to seek out.


Lonely Planet’s guide to 2017 – did they get it right?

Lonely Planet, the not-so-little blue book, have just released their top picks for travel in 2017. Grab a pen and your bucket list and see where next year could take you.


What’s wrong with leaping to London in one hop?

While Qantas' new non-stop Perth to London route is good news for those who enjoy a long-haul flight, it could have its shortcomings. So, what's wrong with the big red roo leaping to London in one hop?


What was I thinking going back to Varanasi?

What was meant to be a relaxing escape to Varanasi quickly turned into trying to find my way out of India. It might be the holiest place in India, but Nirvana it certainly is not…

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