Experience the best of Broome with these amazing travel deals

If you haven’t seen all the beauty that Broome has to offer, you just don’t know what you’re missing. Right now, you can stay three nights in selected Broome resorts for as little as $218 per person.


Global Peace Index: world’s safest and most dangerous countries

Each year, the Global Peace Index ranks the world’s safest and most dangerous countries and, this year, Australia has dropped in the rankings, losing our ‘very high’ peaceful rating.


Marvellous down under destinations for you and your dog

If you’re considering a local holiday with your pooch in tow, these marvellous dog destinations are great places to help both you and your dog unwind.


Holiday destinations that give you more bang for your buck

Signs are pointing to a fall in the Aussie dollar, which means it’s more important than ever to find a holiday destination where your dollars travel further.

England, Scotland & Wales

24 hours in Bath

Known for its hot springs, the beautiful World Heritage town of Bath is the UK’s ultimate spa-break destination.


Chasing the sun: six destinations to help you escape the cold

When the sun goes away, it doesn’t mean you can’t still play! It might be winter Down Under, but around the world, spring and summer are blooming.


Rio: Lucia’s guide to the wonderful Olympic city

If the Rio Olympic Games makes you want to jump on a plane to Brazil, you may want to read on, as local resident Lucia França shares her favourite parts of the city.


Is there more to Morocco than Marrakesh?

Tom has always dreamed of visiting Morocco, but is unsure about a few things, including how safe he’ll be when he arrives. So in today’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne sets his mind at ease.


Leon flies in a 70-year-old DC-3 plane to King Island for a quick day trip

King Island is as famous for its crays, beef and gourmet cheese as it is for its stunning, rugged coastline and serene lifestyle. But, as Leon discovered on his quick trip to KI, it's the people who'll really make your day.


Rio Olympics: 10 things to know about Brazil

As the Rio Olympics kick off this month, all eyes will fall on host nation, Brazil. Here are 10 things you need to know about this vibrant South American country.

Northern Territory

Camping in Kakadu just got comfortable

If you thought exploring Australia’s backyard meant that you had to ‘go bush’ and sacrifice modern day comforts, think again.

England, Scotland & Wales

In and out of Oxford

Have a spare 12 hours in the UK? Why not make the trip to England’s renowned university town, Oxford?

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