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What your waistline says about your likely cognitive decline

Data from over 5000 adults over the age of 60 indicates that as waist to hip ratio increases, so does the likelihood of suffering cognitive impairment.

Health news

When is the best time to drink coffee and how much?

The US Army has set out to discover the most efficient way to consume coffee.


It’s not your fault if you reach for the fries first

There’s a link between French fries, breast milk and obesity. Let us explain.


Are you getting enough calcium?

Most adults only get about half the amount of calcium they need each day. Are you getting enough in your diet?


Six ways to avoid diabetes

Eating the wrong food is not the only way to increase the likelihood of diabetes. Here are six other ways you could be endangering your health without even knowing it.

Health news

The science behind herbal tea remedies

Many Eastern cultures have considered tea as a healthy elixir for hundreds of years, and now the West is catching on. But does the science stack up?


When you’re on a diet and your spouse isn’t supportive

Sonia is in her 60s and is gaining some weight. She is trying to lose that weight, but her husband’s negative comments about her weight are simply not helping.


The reason food experts cannot agree on gluten

Gluten – the protein found in some grains – is about as divisive a topic as you can get right now.

Health & Ageing

Should you be worried about creaky joints?

Does your neck creak? Do your ankles pop and your knees make a cracking sound? Should you be worried?

Health news

Study reveals secret to simple weight loss

New research has revealed the secret to achieving significant weight loss by changing the way you eat, but not the quantities.


Eating fruit can add hundreds of calories to your diet

Accredited dietitian and author Jaime Rose Chambers explains why overindulging in fruit can lead to excess belly fat


How to tell if your food has gone bad

While food safety is important, excessive concern about food ‘going off’ means we’re throwing out perfectly good food. But how far can you push it before your food becomes unsafe to eat?

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