Are meat substitutes good for us?

Nearly a quarter of Australians are limiting their meat consumption, but questions are being raised about the nutritional benefits of meat substitutes.


How to manage the 'disease of kings'

One in 20 Australians get gout and it's painful, as Professor Andrew Brown can attest. He explains what causes gout and how to manage it.

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So you thought eating fish twice a week was good for your health?

A new study indicates that two servings of fish per week reduces the incidence of heart disease only among a certain group.


Researchers fear diet produces ‘untoward effects on the heart’

The keto diet, lauded for its purported fat-burning capabilities, could be bad for your heart, according to new research. The keto – or ketogenic –…


Nine food and heart health myths busted

Should you cook with butter or olive oil? Is that drink of red wine protecting your heart? Pink Himalayan salt is healthy, right? There are plenty of food myths…


10 myths about diets and how they affect your teeth

The keto diet is indeed a trend. So is intermittent fasting. But how do these and other famous diets influence our teeth? DentaVox research platform…


The diet that's best for weight loss and cholesterol

It's hard to go past the pleasures of a Mediterranean diet but if weight loss is your goal, it's not your best option.


The diet that can put type 2 diabetes into remission

An international study involving the CSIRO found that strict adherence to a low carb diet had big benefits for people with type 2 diabetes.

Health news

Book camp: Get your fitness inspiration from these popular tomes

Some of the best and most popular health, diet and exercise books of the past decade feature ideas more attuned to sedentary Western lives.


Missing mineral that explains why you are ageing faster

If you feel as though you may be ageing faster than your parents, you could be right. It’s possible your diet is not packed with as many vitamins and minerals as they ate.


Foods that are good for your heart and your waistline

It’s really not too difficult to eat a diet that safeguards your heart. And a heart healthy diet can also be good for your waistline.


Could an anti-inflammatory diet transform your health?

It’s natural – and often sensible – to turn to medicine to help treat health problems, but have you considered the role food could play…

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