Five things over-65s must consider when switching to a plant-based diet

Nutritionists warn that you should know this about protein, vitamins and minerals.

Losing Weight

Are these the weirdest food fads ever?

From cabbage soup to lots of pineapple, here are the weirdest diet trends in history.

Losing Weight

Mediterranean diet improves health more than weight loss

Research concludes that a Mediterranean diet is more important for longevity than whether a person is overweight or obese.

Weight Loss

Weight loss treatments that actually work

Though they come with a hefty price tag and a list of side-effects, low energy meal replacements and a variety of prescribed medications have been shown to help weight loss.


Best and worse foods and drinks for liver health

Along with other lifestyle factors such as smoking, weight and physical activity, the healthy function of your liver is heavily dependent on your diet. Food and drink such as oats, salt, green tea, coffee, sugar, fat and broccoli can help determine your risk of disease.


Research proves these often reviled vegies are great for the heart

Research from Edith Cowan University proves the health benefits of once despised, now fashionable, cruciferous vegetables broccoli and Brussels sprouts.


The ‘in’ diets and whether they live up to the hype

Keto and Paleo are some of the most googled diets, but what are they and should you try them?


What is umami and why should you care?

Umami is a word often bandied about on menus and cooking shows, but what actually is it?

Health & Ageing

How to minimise the side effects of menopause

Can you control the effects of menopause through diet? Jean Hailes naturopath Sandra Villella explains how that is possible for many.


How to make your pooch healthier

Controlling that ever-enlarging waistline is a major health concern, and not only humans are affected. The obesity epidemic is also taking its toll on our pets.


Why you need the right amount of zinc in your diet

It’s a mineral most people overlook, but it has a huge impact on health, from helping to fight bacteria and viruses to creating DNA, as well as a host of other health benefits.


Berries and fruits, tea, and red wine may stave off Alzheimer’s disease

According to a new study, people with the lowest amounts of fruits, red wine and tea in their diet were two to four times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease or other dementia.

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