Why older Australians need to eat more eggs

Nutritionist Sharon Natoli shares five reasons to eat eggs daily.


Blood test could help millions of Aussies struggling to lose weight

The concept of ‘personal nutrition’ is building momentum after an international study showed vastly different reactions to the same diet.


Heart Foundation gives the tick to some full-fat dairy and more eggs

Full-fat dairy has been given a tick by the Heart Foundation, as has the number of eggs that can be eaten each week as part of a heart healthy diet.


Here’s how you can take control of the way you’re ageing

Research duo’s exhaustive hunt to uncover the cornerstones of healthy ageing delivers these critical life lessons.

Food and Recipes

Is white meat as bad for your cholesterol levels as red meat?

Recent reports claim white meat is just as bad for your cholesterol as red meat. But are they accurate? Nutrition experts have their say.


The diet choices that can ruin our lives

Camilla Fayed is on a mission to make healthy eating fun, and to put the focus back on nature, simplicity and balance. She explains her philosophy in her latest book.


DASH diet can lower heart failure risk

New research has found that people under 75 can reduce their risk of heart failure by adhering to the DASH diet.

Food and Recipes

Best and worst foods for your liver

Looking after your liver should be high on your list. Here are the foods you should both increase and avoid to make your liver love you.

Health news

Are vegetarians healthier than meat eaters?

Years of debate between meat eaters and vegetarians has clouded the facts, but the stats are in. New research suggests that one third of early deaths could be prevented if we all switched to a vegetarian diet.


Can eating certain foods make you smarter?

Trying to keep up with what constitutes a ‘healthy’ diet can be exhausting. But don’t stop now. Emerging evidence indicates diet plays a critical role in brain function.


The diet that can add years to your life

The evidence appears to be indisputable that a Mediterranean Diet can add years to your life.


Higher egg consumption hikes heart disease risk

Cancel the cheese omelette. There is sobering news for egg lovers.

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