Flying with a disability: making your trip more comfortable

Flying can be stressful enough for those more able-bodied, but as we grow a little older, and are perhaps not so mobile, it can become arduous and sometimes even dangerous.

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Can you receive the DSP while living overseas?

Tim wants to move overseas and wants to know if he can continue to claim the Disability Support Pension.

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Can you visit a sick relative overseas without losing pension?

Elaine wants to take her mother overseas to visit a sick cousin, but is worried it will affect her disability support pension payments.

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Can you keep investment properties and claim the pension?

David is suffering from multiple sclerosis, but is worried he may have too many assets to claim the disability pension.


Profile of wheelchair senator is not enough

Given that close to half of all people with a disability are aged 65 and over, having Senator Jordon Steele-John as an advocate is invaluable to our ageing demographic.

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Centrelink Q&A: Disabled pensioner fearful about compo

Gina received a compensation payment after successfully taking legal action for child abuse. She wants to know how that will affect her disability pension.

Disability Support Pension

$4.8b drop in disability pension budget forecast

Tougher assessment procedures for a Disability Support Pension have resulted in the Federal Government forecasting that total outlay will be $4.8 billion less in 10 years.

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Securing the future of a dependent adult son

Beverley wants to know how best to ensure her adult son has a secure future.

Aged Care

What you need to know before you seek in-home care

Using in-home care is a big step for people who have lived independently for decades. Those who value their privacy may find it harder still, as it means a stranger will be allowed into their home.


Supporting people with a disability

Tomorrow, 3 December is International Day of People with a Disability – a time to recognise both the struggles and achievements of those who everyday have to face barriers and overcome issues that able-bodied people just don't even consider.

Federal Election 2016

Disability and age: from 1998 to 2015

We’re so used to hearing that an ageing population is the biggest threat facing our economy, but as Sociologist Katharine Betts reveals, the figures don’t quite support this claim.


NDIS expansion moving too quickly

A report due today into the expansion of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) outlines concerns that the program is not functioning properly.

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