What 'living with COVID' could mean

The COVID-19 pandemic won't end with a bang, but more likely a fizzle - and a long, protracted one at that.


Privacy concerns over home quarantine apps

Human rights groups concerned about facial recognition and geolocation technology.


AstraZeneca drug shows success treating severe COVID

Antibody cocktail both prevents COVID in the non-infected and stops severe disease developing in those with the disease.


Can you catch COVID from the pool?

As NSW and Victoria speed toward target COVID vaccination rates and the relaxation of lockdown rules, many are considering a trip to the local pool.


Living at higher altitudes could lower your stroke risk

Is Australia's flat terrain to blame for the fact that strokes are the country's third biggest killer?


Struggling with IBS? You are not alone

Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies delves into the digestive disorder in new documentary.


Vaccination isn't enough – here's what we need for freedom

The latest NSW roadmap to recovery outlines a range of freedoms for fully vaccinated people when 80 per cent of those aged 16 and over are vaccinated.

Health news

Deaths from suicide drop as COVID's mortality impact revealed

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show COVID was the 38th ranked cause of death in 2020.


Australia finally set to join the rapid home testing party

Australians will be able to test themselves for COVID-19 at home from 1 November.

Health Checks

Abdominal and urological cancer warning signs

The warning signs of abdominal and urological cancer, as Stephen Fry backs a new campaign.


COVID will shift from pandemic to endemic. What does that mean?

Most people are wondering when and how the COVID pandemic will end and there are still no easy answers.


Why Australia's COVID plan needs more flexibility

There has been plenty of argument about particular assumptions in the Doherty model. But the more fundamental problem is that it is effectively obsolete.

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