Your Health

What your body odour says about your health

Body odours can indicate serious medical issues. Here are the smells you shouldn't ignore when it comes to your health.


Another state locks down as Victoria announces extension

South Australia has announced a seven-day lockdown and Victoria has extended its lockdown by a week as worrying cluster spreads to Queensland.


Vaccine advice changes again as young accused of ‘gaming’ the system

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation has introduced guidance on the use of vaccines during an outbreak setting.


Business figures turned to Rudd to bring forward Pfizer vaccine

The bringing forward of millions of Pfizer vaccine doses last week followed a back channels intervention eight days earlier by a high-powered network.


Can you still get COVID after you have been vaccinated?

When a COVID cluster includes people who are vaccinated, we inevitably hear rumblings of complaint from people who wonder about the point of vaccination.


We’re bottom of the (OECD) class in vaccination rates

We need to double - and even triple - rates to meet government targets, says forecaster.


Being overweight can worsen the liver damage caused by alcohol

The largest study of its kind has found people in the overweight or obese range who drink alcohol are at greater risk of liver disease.


Why is the Delta variant such a worry?

It's more infectious, probably causes more severe disease, and challenges our vaccines.


Australia’s four-phase COVID-normal plan. What we know so far

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has received criticism from the general public for not having a concrete plan to take us out of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Getting a COVID jab is safer than taking aspirin

The risk of rare side-effects from COVID-19 vaccines such as AstraZeneca are greatly exaggerated as they are far safer than many medicines people are taking every day.

Brain health

Australian scientists discover non-invasive Alzheimer’s treatment

Ultrasound can overcome some of the detrimental effects of ageing and dementia without the need to cross the blood-brain barrier.


Navigating ‘cancer land’: A guide for the newly diagnosed

Research shows that after people hear the word 'cancer', they don't hear anything else in the consultation, and it will often take several appointments with their doctors to start to make sense of what they are hearing.

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