This dog of a foot-in-mouth moment wasn’t a vote-winner

We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at some stage, and while it will probably have been embarrassing, it wouldn’t have cost votes as it did for this politician.


Connections: How Champ and Sally put smiles on faces

Combine a serial volunteer with a dog that loves people and you have a combination that delivers a lot of joy to a lot of people.


Long & The Short: The ice-cream outing that turned nasty

Last Sunday, we heard Phil’s story about when he tied up his young dog outside the local bakery. That prompted YourLifeChoices members to weigh in with their own stories.


Long & The Short: The day the dog bolted

Phil tied his young retriever to an A-frame sign outside his local bakery while he went inside to buy bread. He wasn’t prepared for what happened next.


This dog is not allowed on the bed

This naughty dog is not allowed on the bed, so his owner installed a camera to see what happens when the dog stays home alone.


Amazing listening dog

Our Video of the Week features what might be the world’s best-trained dog – this incredible little pup understands every single word his owner is saying.


Pug can’t run

Most dogs just know how to run. Loca, however, is a little bit special and very funny. Watch as she gives running a red hot go with mixed results.


The Dog’s New Year’s resolutions

The Dog is going to be a better four-legged friend this year, but which behaviors is he resolving to change? Find out with this funny list.

Travelling On A Budget

Pets on holiday

Who will look after your pet next time you go away on holiday? Discover some alternatives to expensive (and potentially booked out) catteries and kennels for your furry friends this festive season.

Your Pet

Does your dog have talent?

Do you live in Melbourne and have a talented pooch which fancies a life on the stage? Then this could be call they’ve been waiting for.