Dog behaviours and what they mean

Interpreting common dog behaviours and the meaning behind them.


Vegetables dogs can and can’t eat

You know you need a range of vegies in your diet, but does your dog? Here are some of the best vegetables to feed your dog, and which ones to avoid.


Eight things we do that really confuse our dogs

Dogs are very sociable, loyal and adaptable. Here’s how to observe and understand your dog’s behaviour.


Bizarre facts you never knew about dogs

Did you know that the Basenji is the only barkless dog breed in the world? Well, here are eight other bizarre facts about dogs.


Is it okay to drive with your dog on your lap? Many think so!

Do you believe it is okay to have your dog sit on your lap while driving? Motoring writer Paul Murrell reveals the truth behind this and other aspects of driving with your dog.


Can these super sensitive noses sniff out cancer?

Research shows super-sensitive noses can be trained to sniff out cancer.


How to cut your risk of heart disease and simply be happier

We’ve found something that’s good for you and for the national economy.


Pups strike a pose: before and after a bath

Is your pooch 100 per cent more adorable after a bath? These pups certainly are. This cute before-and-after series highlights the Japanese style of dog grooming.


How dogs age

Amanda Jones’ stunning photography project, Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now, features portraits of a range of breeds, showing how they age over the years.


Pictures of the week: dogs who look like their owners

Have you ever been to the park and noticed a few dogs who look like their owners? Well, here’s a collection of pictures that prove that canines and their keepers can look alike.


Travelling with dogs: tips for a hassle-free journey

Have you ever suffered the heartbreak of saying goodbye to your dog when you’re leaving for a holiday? Well, why not try a dog-friendly holiday next time?

Technology News

New wearable tech means we may soon be able to talk to our dogs

Have you looked at the expression on your dog’s face and wondered what it was thinking? Well new experimental technology means we may soon be able to converse with canines.

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