Income and asset tests

Ann warns age pensioners to beware of downsizingt

Ann sold her home to downsize and deposited the funds in the bank before buying a new dwelling. She warns that this had implications for her Age Pension.


Outrage at ‘hogging houses’ claim

Senior groups are outraged after a Monash University report released on Monday suggested that older Australians should move out of their homes to make way for younger families.


Should you downsize?

There can be many reasons to downsize your home, but should you do it? Craig Hall explains what to consider before making this crucial decision.

Age Pension

Do we need to downsize?

Generally speaking, your principal home and adjacent land needs to be under two hectares and on a single title document to be exempt from the assets test. However, in some cases a customer's whole property (of more than two hectares) may be exempt from the assets test if they meet certain criteria.