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You only need to look around your own suburb to see the ‘for sale’ signs and removal vans to realise how many locals are making this move.

Finance News

Downsizing: are stamp duty concessions available?

Sandra is considering downsizing but is struggling to find the correct information on whether she will receive a concession on stamp duty.


Special Report on downsizing

Understanding that downsizing is the topic du jour for those seeking a comfortable life after work, YourLifeChoices created the editorial that matched our members’ requirements.

Finance News

Mortgages over 50 not so easy to secure

Whether you’re downsizing, starting out on your own again or simply moving to a new home, you may find that getting a mortgage over the age of 50 isn’t so easy.

Age Pension

Selling the family home

Many older Australians consider downsizing, but the effect on their Age Pension can mean it is costly to do so. So, how can it affect pension payments?


Should you downsize?

There can be many reasons to downsize your home, but should you do it? Craig Hall explains what to consider before making this crucial decision.

Income and asset tests

How much will be exempt?

Like many older Australians, YOURLifeChoices subscriber Graham is considering downsizing. He would like to know how much of the money he makes from selling his house will be exempt under the asset-free period?

Finance News

Financial help with downsizing

June is looking to downsize and recalls hearing about a program which would exclude some of the proceeds from the sale of her house from the pension means test.

Finance News

Rent assistance in retirement villages

Dorothy is concerned about the increase in her monthly maintenance fees for her retirement village and would like to know if there is any assistance available from Centrelink?

Income and asset tests

Will downsizing affect my pension?

Elise is considering moving to be closer to her sons and their families, but is unsure how the proceeds of her house sale and gifting may affect her Age Pension.

Finance News

Financial pitfalls of downsizing

Craig Hall from NICRI answers a question on the pitfalls of downsizing


Your home, your asset

Debbie helps Toby understand the pension ramifications of downsizing his family home.

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