Can I challenge my speeding fine?

Can you blame your cruise control for your speeding fine? Motoring expert Paul Murrell explains how this reader could potentially successfully challenge a speeding fine.


Is it worthwhile spending the extra money on premium fuel?

Premium fuel costs considerably more than non-premium fuel. Motoring writer Paul Murrell tells whether spending those extra dollars is better for your car.


Is it okay to drive with your dog on your lap? Many think so!

Do you believe it is okay to have your dog sit on your lap while driving? Motoring writer Paul Murrell reveals the truth behind this and other aspects of driving with your dog.


Good news for older Australian drivers

Average retail petrol prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth fell slightly in the quarter ending September 2019, due to a drop in international oil prices and a reduction in gross retail margins.


Cataract surgery makes drivers 48 per cent safer on the road

Researchers in Australia used a driving simulator to test patients’ vision before and after cataract surgery. The results were astounding.


Are they going to take away your right to drive?

Driving is and has been a major part of our lives, and losing the freedom to go where you want, when you want, can have a devastating effect on lifestyle.


The top five mistakes made by older drivers

University study identified problem tasks, then tested older drivers to see if they learnt from their mistakes. This is what they found.


Being too comfortable in your car may end up killing you

The Transurban Road Safety Centre finds that common accessories you use to make yourself comfortable when you drive may increase your chance of injury during a crash.


Older drivers will go to the grave with car keys in hand: poll

Older drivers are more than happy to have annual drivers’ licence assessments and say that the younger generation is the real problem on our roads.


Friday Flash Poll: Should you really still be driving?

Around 250 Australians over 65 die each year in car crashes. A further 4000 are hospitalised after accidents. So, do you really think you should still be driving?


Top tips for driving on the wrong side of the road

Apart from being a great way to see a foreign land, driving overseas will often save you money on flights and – if you hire an RV or campervan – accommodation. Here are tips for driving on the wrong side of the road.


The smartest ways to save money on your road trip

You won’t believe the number of apps and websites designed to help you make your road trip holiday as inexpensive as possible.

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