Self-drive holidays

Most popular car hire brands

A study has revealed the world’s most popular car brands to hire. You may be surprised by which brands – and models – tourists choose to travel in. Can you guess number one?


How not to become a road rage target

Impatience can be a dangerous emotion – particularly on the road.


Driving with a dog makes you safer

A recent study in the UK has shown travelling with a dog in the car makes drivers more likely to drive with greater care. It even reduces stress behind the wheel.


Explained: E10 fuel

Is E10 fuel bad for your car? What happens if you put it into your fuel tank by mistake? Motoring pundit Paul Murrell tells you everything you need to know about E10 fuel.

Health & Ageing

Should older drivers be tested more?

A study published in an international medical journal backs the use of off-road screening tests to identify older drivers who may be unsafe.


Who are the worst drivers?

Men pose more risk to other road users than women and they are more likely to drive more dangerous vehicles, reveals the first study of its kind.


Doggone dangers drivers must know

Do you believe it is okay to have your dog sit on your lap while driving? Motoring writer Paul Murrell reveals the truth behind this and other aspects of driving with your dog.


Good news for older drivers

Average retail petrol prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth fell slightly in the quarter ending September 2019, due to a drop in international oil prices and a reduction in gross retail margins.


The surgery that makes you safer

Researchers in Australia used a driving simulator to test patients’ vision before and after cataract surgery. The results were astounding.


Comfort that could kill you

The Transurban Road Safety Centre finds that common accessories you use to make yourself comfortable when you drive may increase your chance of injury during a crash.


Older drivers not the problem

Older drivers are more than happy to have annual drivers’ licence assessments and say that the younger generation is the real problem on our roads.


When should you stop driving?

Around 250 Australians over 65 die each year in car crashes. A further 4000 are hospitalised after accidents. So, do you really think you should still be driving?

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