When should you stop driving?

Around 250 Australians over 65 die each year in car crashes. A further 4000 are hospitalised after accidents. So, do you really think you should still be driving?


Drive on the wrong side of the road

Apart from being a great way to see a foreign land, driving overseas will often save you money on flights and – if you hire an RV or campervan – accommodation. Here are tips for driving on the wrong side of the road.


How to save on a road trip

You won’t believe the number of apps and websites designed to help you make your road trip holiday as inexpensive as possible.


Licence was a one-stop process

What did you have to do to get your drivers’ licence? It was very simple, for some, back in the 1970's.


V-plates for tourist drivers?

Do you think optional V-plates for tourist drivers in Tasmania is a good idea? Suzanne Jones shares her bright idea of voluntary V-plates for anyone who feels out of sorts driving on the Apple Isle.


Safety boon for older drivers

When to hand over the car keys is one of the tougher decisions faced by older Australians, with the loss of independence keenly felt. But there is help (almost) at hand.


When do you hang up the car keys?

If you are over 60 and being completely honest, then you might just admit that you’re not the driver you were 20, 30 or 40 years ago.


Australia’s longest shortcut

Not all shortcuts are created equal. However, in terms of Great Australian shortcuts, the biggest and best of them all is the Outback Way, as Lee Atkinson discovered


The freedom of the open road

How does driving through the UK countryside in a snazzy, comfy car grab you? It was certainly high on David Fallick’s wish list and last year he was able to tick it off. Today, he takes you through the twists and turns of his driving holiday.


Driverless cars could be a saviour

The advent of safety technology and driverless vehicles could save the lives of older drivers, according to an Austroads study.


Driving the sublime Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail really is a must-drive. Kaye’s itinerary covers many of the highlights, with ample time to feel the serenity, sip a coffee or stare at the stars.


Could your car accessories kill you?

Older Australians make up just eight per cent of licensed drivers, but account for over 14 per cent of road fatalities. New research aims to discover why this is the case.

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