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Motorist fines skyrocket

Over 11,000 motorists in NSW have been fined a combined $3.3 million


New driving rules for mobile phones

780 drivers have been fined at least $298 and had three demerit points taken from their record in the first 11 days of new strict phone rules in New South Wales. Drew explains the new rules and how they affect every Australian.


Top five road trip songs of all time

Every good road trip should be accompanied by good music. YOURLifeChoices has kick-started your next road trip soundtrack by picking the top five road trip songs of all time. Do you agree with the choices?

Technology News

Self-driving car could change the world

Google has been working on a self-driving car since early 2010 and to date has clocked up over 200,000 miles in the prototype car. A few weeks ago, Google took the project to the next level, placing a blind man in the driver’s seat.

Older drivers are overconfident

Can we trust older drivers to decide when to hand in their licences? Or should there be an arbitrary cut-off age for drivers?

Too old to drive

A research in the UK has developed a car designed to help keep older drivers on the road.


State motoring associations

Thinking of hitting the road? These major state motoring associations are the first port of call if you get into a mechanical bind.

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