Around two million older Aussies at higher risk of COVID-19 death

Almost two million older Australians have a much higher chance of dying than other people in their age group, according to research from Roy Morgan.


Lying in death’s bed

A stay in hospital can be an eye-opening experience. It gave Peter Leith pause for thought.


Life goes on. But not for everyone

A short stay in hospital gave the ever-watchful Peter Leith pause for thought.


Climate change and ageing population creating ‘a perfect storm’

Heatwaves are killing more Australians than any other natural disaster and are expected to become more frequent and last for longer. And particularly at risk are over-65s.

Health news

Should voluntary assisted dying be available around the nation?

Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying legislation came in to effect this week and is now Australia’s only state with euthanasia laws. Should the rest of the nation follow suit?


Going out with a … whimper

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a hero, of saving someone in a dramatic act of self-sacrifice? Peter Leith has. He continues his Aspects of Ageing series of short stories.


What do death dreams mean?

Death dreams are common, according to analysts, but are they bad? A warning that something unsavoury is about to happen? The assessment of the experts is surprising.

Legal & General

Do you really need a will to make sure your wishes are fulfilled?

Amy has jewellery she’d like to leave to her family, but she’s not too keen on making a will. So she’s asked YourLifeChoices’ estate planning expert Rod Cunich if she can bypass the red tape and still be assured of fulfilling her wishes.

Legal & General

Rod Cunich’s Inbox: How do you complete a health-care directive?

Jim doesn’t want to be hooked up to machines should he ever have an accident or fall terminally ill. Estate planning expert Rod Cunich explains what he needs to do.

Losing a loved one

Jane’s mission is to get us talking about dying

We attend classes to learn about birth, but apart from recent debate around Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying bill, discussions about dying are rare. Why?


Clearing house after the death of a loved one

Clearing out a relative’s lifetime accumulation of possessions can be hard work. Let us help you sort the treasure from the trash.


Assisted dying Bill passes the Victorian Parliament lower house.

What does the new assisted dying Bill really mean for older Victorians – and possibly all older Australians – should other states follow Victoria’s lead?

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