Why Easter is called Easter, and other little-known facts

Explaining why Easter is celebrated when it is and the history behind the tradition.


How to … connect with the family this Easter

With technology nowadays, it’s all too easy to have a group video chat from your smart phone or computer. These are the best apps you can use to connect to your family.


Friday Funnies: Library meal

This week’s Friday Funnies include a library serving burgers and missing out on Jesus.

Cakes & Baking

Tempting Chocolate Truffles – so simple to make

Easter means chocolate and these chocolate truffles are delicious and easy to make. Perfect for gifts and you can make them with the kids or grandkids.


Can you spot the deadly egg?

As Easter rolls around this year, some chocolatiers have taken the classic treat to the 'eggstreme', but have they gone too far?


Explaining Easter and eggs and bunnies to my grandkid

Good Friday marks a day on which Jesus died. So why do we celebrate? Why do we call it Easter? Why chocolate eggs and why are they delivered by a rabbit? So many questions from one young grandchild.


Watch out for identity theft this Easter

This collection of cute‘n’cuddly critters may have stolen each other’s identities – they’ll almost certainly steal your heart.


Creamed Eggs with English Muffins

It’s a family tradition to make Creamed Eggs and use up all our hard-boiled Easter Eggs. They’re super tasty on white toast – even better on English Muffins.


Tips to ensure that you arrive alive this Easter

The Easter weekend is always a popular time for Aussies to hit the highway. These tips will help you to avoid the dangers on the road, and ensure that you arrive alive and in good spirits.


How to eat chocolate

It’s Easter. So to actually enjoy your chocolate, why not try this little experiment to see whether it heightens to your chocolate-savouring experience?

Why is it called Good Friday?

In the English-speaking world, we know Good Friday as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. But what could be good about the day a man was nailed to a cross?

Childhood Easter memories

The week leading up to Easter Sunday was spent boiling eggs and decorating them in the brightest colours we could. My brother and I would have competitions to see how many different colours we could get on the one egg. They were decorated with circles, spirals, zig-zags and even glitter if we could get our hands on it!

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