Health news

Recipe for a nightmare: foods to avoid near bedtime

Do certain foods give you bad dreams? Yes, they can, according to the recent research that reveals the chief culprits.


The diet slowly killing 80 per cent of older men: report

A new report says older Australians are failing to do the recommended amount of exercise and an ever-increasing percentage are overweight, with 81 per cent of men aged 51 to 70 considered obese.


Here’s how to think your way to healthy eating

We've all done it – eaten a meal in a rush and then wondered where it all went and how it tasted. There’s a better way to eat. It just takes practice.

Health news

Weight loss not guaranteed when eating more fruit and veg

You would think that eating more fruit and vegetables would help you to lose weight. Not quite so according to recent research.


Five common eating habits and how to break them

It’s not just a lack of willpower that makes it difficult to lose weight, it’s also pesky bad habits. Here are five common eating habits and how to break them.

Northern Territory

How to eat your way through Kakadu

The Kakadu region isn’t just about the adventures, the cultural diversity, the beautiful wildlife or breathtaking landscapes. It’s also home to superb taste sensations and some of the nation’s favourite food trails.

Mental Health

What to eat or avoid to improve your memory

Australia’s leading and most trusted women’s health organisation, Jean Hailes, explores what you can eat and what you should avoid eating, to improve your memory and your mind.


The travel diet: eat healthily to enjoy your trip

Travel is a chance to do away with our usual routine – including your diet. Read this guide to healthy eating on holiday to help ensure that you return home well-rounded in only experience.

Alternative Therapies

How to give up

Whether you want to give up smoking, nail biting, drinking alcohol, eating sugar or any other bad habit, this helpful how-to guide is a painless way to get started.