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145 million eBay accounts hacked

Hackers have gained access to eBay’s database, compromising 145 million users.

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Cash in the attic

Vintage is the watchword when it comes to buying and selling online at the moment. What you might consider to be old, out of date junk, others are paying good money for on eBay. So pull on your gloves and get sorting – who knows, there could be a retirement fund hidden away in your attic or garage.

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Welfare crackdown on eBay sellers

Selling unused items on eBay is a useful way to earn a little extra pocket money. But if you’re using the online auction site to run a business and claiming benefits from Centrelink, you may be forced to declare this extra income.

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Five ways to save money shopping online

The computer has proven itself as an indispensable tool for sourcing information and social networking. In these tough economic times however, it can be used as a valuable source for bargain hunters. Taking your shopping online can result in unprecedented savings, but only if you know where to look.

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How to eBay

Shopping on eBay can save you a fortune over the holiday season. But how do you get started, stay safe and, most importantly, win the items you want? Find out how with Rachel’s guide to eBay.

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Online shopping security

When it comes to shopping online, security is paramount. Whilst it can be enticing to maximise the great discounts which can be found throughout the internet, online scammers can turn your profits into losses if you don’t stay within the boundaries of trusted websites and follow YOURLifeChoices handy tips for safe online shopping.