Living costs, manufacturing, defence high on Labor agenda

Albanese’s ‘pillars’ for Australia and Scott Morrison’s ‘elements’ strikingly similar.


Rising inflation biggest threat to retirement income and quality

Inflation is on the rise and with it comes the very real risk of ruining retirement plans.


From COVID hero to has-been – the critical element dismissed

How Australia has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in pandemic battle.

Federal Government

Australian voters 'decisively' reject government's population plan

The federal government's 'Big Australia' push has voters concerned about problems created by overpopulation.


Retirees should splash on themselves and save the economy

There is a boost to the economy if cautious retirees could be encouraged to open their wallets more often, says Jeremy Cooper, Challenger’s chairman of retirement income.

Federal Government

Experts tell why migration may not be the best economic play

The federal government is already looking to refuel Australia's population with a steady flow of migrants. Experts tell why this may not be best for our economy.

Finance News

Saving for a holiday is no longer Aussies' main savings goal

Saving for a holiday or car used to be a popular goal, but the pandemic has us squirrelling money away for something else.

Federal Government

Federal treasurers slammed for ‘ignoring’ this group

Australia’s political leaders have been taken to task over their apparent blind spot when it comes to the role of women in the economy. Victoria’s…


How the pandemic has turbocharged the pet care industry

Vitamin wellness company Blackmores is now making pet vitamin supplements and leading retailers are offering insurance for our increasingly pampered pets.

Travel News

Australian government divided on lifting overseas travel ban

The federal government is divided about when international air travel will recommence, as experts warn that vaccinated travellers could become "silent spreaders" of the virus.

Finance News

We've stockpiled more than $200 billion of extra savings

The federal government says the economy won't "fall off a cliff" when it scraps COVID-19 income support measures because homes and businesses have stockpiled billions of dollars.


Hang in there Australia - we're only halfway through the COVID maratho

The cold reality is that all the COVID controls we use now will be in place for the next nine to 12 months.

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