Sex education: do we need to know more about it?

Sex. It happens. It’s human nature written into our DNA. So why is it that we don’t know more about it? Is it time to break down the walls and admit that we should talk about it more?


Could fairytales soon become a thing of the past in Australian schools?

Could treasured fairytales be at risk of censorship in schools or, perhaps worse, be eliminated from the curriculum altogether? If so, is this going a step too far?


Should the Government fork out for midlife training?

If the Government wants to increase the Age Pension age, shouldn’t it be responsible for improving the employment opportunities for older people? Midlife education may be the key.

Computer Tutorials

Improve your computer skills

You’re never too old to learn a new trick, so we’ve found a few websites that offer you free computer lessons – from beginner’s tips to more complex computer training.

Brain Training

Brain training: science proves these hobbies make you smarter

It’s one thing to look after your body through proper diet and exercise, and, true, your brain also benefits from these activities. But did you know you could also become smarter during your downtime too?


Tobacco tax on the radar

A Labor win at the next Federal Election could mean an additional three years of tax increases applied to tobacco, making our cigarette prices among the most expensive in the world.


GST on food, health and education

Changes to the GST will be considered as part of the taxation white paper process, and may result in a 10 per cent tax on fresh food, health and education.


The Coalition breaks key promises

Several key Coalition promises were broken in Tuesday’s budget.


$1.2 billion more for schools

Today the Federal Government has announced $1.2 billion in new funding for schools

Australia–China partnership signed

Prime Ministers and key sub-leaders will meet annually

Australian education ranked poorly

The results from the 2011 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) undertaken to rank children’s reading skills at a year four level has seen Australia perform rather badly, coming in at 27th place out of 45 countries studied internationally.

The ‘Asiafication’ of Australia

Under new policy announced by the Federal Government, every child in Australia will be encouraged to learn an Asian language and schools will forge an alliance with a counterpart in the Asian region.

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