Finance News

New law to fight elder abuse

A decision to establish minimum standards for powers of attorney described as a major step forward in fighting financial elder abuse.


Banks’ fresh push on elder abuse

Australian Banking Association lobbies Federal Government to establish a new financial elder abuse service.


Funding boost to beat elder abuse

The Older Persons Advocacy Network will receive a $2 million boost to support all older Australians to access their rights when they are threatened by third parties.


Why elder abuse is on the rise

Combine an ageing population with strong house prices and superannuation balances and you have the perfect recipe for a growth in elder abuse, according to key sources.

Banking & Investment

Inquiry exposes extent of abuse

The banking royal commission has had a profound impact on the financial services sector and exposed older Australians’ vulnerability to financial elder abuse.

Banking & Investment

Banks want to stop elder abuse

The banking industry has called on the country’s Attorneys General to agree at Friday’s COAG meeting to changes which will empower bank staff to help detect and prevent elder financial abuse.

Aged Care

Abuse soars in coastal aged care

The sheer number of older Australians living in coastal nursing homes means they are more likely to be assaulted than those living elsewhere, according to the CPSA.

Aged Care

National plan to stop elder abuse

Federal Attorney General Christian Porter has promised a national plan to stop physical, emotional and financial abuse of people living in care.

Health news

How would you define elder abuse?

A think tank is calling on Australians to help it define elder abuse for a Federal Government strategy to deal with a potential crisis as more baby boomers lose their independence.


Government’s $15m elder abuse plan

The Turnbull Government has made a $15 million election pledge to protect the rights of older Australians and safeguard them from elder abuse.


Dealing with financial elder abuse

Financial elder abuse may seem like something that happens to others or those with lots of money stashed away, but the sad reality is that its more prevalent than you may think.


Aged care processes to be reviewed

The Federal Government plans to find reasons why current aged care checks and balances failed to prevent mistreatment at South Australian facility.

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