Federal Government

Election rules change ensures Australians with COVID can vote

Last minute changes to voting rules mean thousands will be able to vote in the Federal Election.

Federal Government

Cost of living and aged care reform top list of election priorities

An Australian National University (ANU) survey reveals that relieving cost-of-living pressures and fixing aged care are top priorities for voters.

Federal Government

Older Aussies the winners of pre-election promises?

In a bid to win over the nation, the major parties make a raft of promises that would be welcomed by older Australians.


Election candidates should focus on super if they want to win

A leading Australian superannuation advocacy group is calling on both major candidates to make super an election priority.

Federal Government

AEC warns voters to ‘think twice’ before giving details to parties

With the election just around the corner, the AEC is warning voters to be careful about giving their personal information to political parties.

Age Pension

Age Pension 'long overdue' for an overhaul

Age Pension system is in desperate need of an overhaul and any future government should make it a priority, says advocacy group.

Age Pension

Lower Age Pension age back to 65 and increase rate, say Greens

The Greens have announced a bold plan to lower Age Pension eligibility back to 65 and increase the rate.

Federal Budget

Over-50s and younger voters disagree on Federal Budget

Newspoll survey reveals mixed reactions to the Federal Budget with younger voters giving it a thumbs down and over-50s a thumbs up.

Federal Government

With the election upon us, can we actually trust the opinion polls?

Political opinion polls have got it wrong many times in recent years, so can we trust them now?

Federal Budget

Budget night ends up an election pitch packed with sugar hits

Josh Frydenberg’s fourth Federal Budget quickly devolved into an election pitch aimed at winning voters.

Federal Budget

Treasurer hints at petrol relief in Budget

Government gives strongest indication yet that it will announce a cut to the fuel excise in tonight's Federal Budget.

Age Pension

Has upcoming election forced PM's hand on pension boost?

Federal government announces the biggest increase to pensions in a decade. Is it a ploy to get your vote?

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