‘Why won’t my wife watch a sexy movie with me?’

Peter enjoys watching sexy movies but he is frustrated that his wife refuses to join him. He asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray how he should tackle the issue.


Can couple restore the trust after husband’s affair?

Vickie is shattered to discover her husband has had an affair. She asks Dr Emmanuella for help in deciding whether to work through the hurt or leave him.


‘The new woman in my life dislikes my adult children’

The new woman in Noel’s life is not getting along too well with his adult children. He asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray how to handle the situation.


Brett seeks help to fight grief and get back out there

Brett has lost two wives to cancer and asks Dr Emmanuella how he can find the strength to start again. Her advice is strong and simple.


Can an ultimatum shock Bruce’s wife out of her mood?

Bruce believes he has been supportive of his wife after she lost her job three years ago, but he is at the end of his tether and is considering an ultimatum. What does Dr Emmanuella Murray say?


Bob’s plea: ‘Ahhh! I just need some me time’

When retirement finally arrives, spending more time with your partner might create some issues. Bob asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray how to broach his need for ‘me time’.


Is love enough to quell fears about the age gap?

Margaret is reluctant to marry the man she loves because of the age gap. She asks psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray for advice.