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Set to retire? Think again

Older Australians must work for longer if Australia is to have a sustainable economy, says federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

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Older Aussies on the scrapheap

Anglicare Australia says the Government must act now to save older Australians from the jobs scrapheap.

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More bust than boom

Baby boomers are redefining the face of retirement – including the make-up of the workforce and the ranks of the unemployed.

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Looking for work? Go to Dubbo

Got a problem making ends meet on Newstart? Move to Dubbo. There are plenty of jobs there, according to Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.


Rise of the ‘senpreneur’

Are you in your 60s but not yet ready to stop work? Retirement and business coach Peter Black tells what he has learnt about working longer and preparing for the ‘third age’.


Prices may climb under jobs plan

A radical theory to eliminate unemployment using government funds is gaining traction in Australia, but critics argue it would lead to hyperinflation.


Where’s my ‘fair go’?, asks Aileen

As Anglicare Australia calls for an overhaul of employment services for older people, YourLifeChoices member Aileen Reiter gives a first-hand description of the difficulties she has encountered.


Job services failing older Aussies

Australia’s employment services are failing older people, with many forced into selling homes and spending savings just to make it to retirement, which they’ll most likely live in poverty.


Hope at hand for older job seekers

The Government has this week cast a lifeline to mature-age job seekers living in regions where there are fewer employment opportunities.


Boomers would rather retire early

Baby boomer men would rather retire early than take on part-time work, claims a senior economist referring to the latest labour figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Jobs that won’t exist in 20 years

Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate, and with progress comes change. These common jobs might not exist in 20 years.


Is Ken Wyatt kidding himself?

Minister for Aged Care and Indigenous Health Ken Wyatt addresses the National Press Club on the topic of 'Australia's New Age of Opportunity'.

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