Sickies cost Australia $30 billion

Winter is here, and along with it comes the likelihood of Australian workers taking a ‘sickie’ – but it seems we’re not very good at using our sick days effectively.


Helping mature workers find jobs

The Growing Jobs and Small Business package aims to make mature job seekers more employable, and to increase their likelihood of employment through subsidised wages.


New age discrimination inquiry

A new national inquiry to be undertaken by the Human Rights Commission aims to investigate the ‘disturbingly low’ employment rates of older Australians.

Health news

Don’t get up too early for work

Are you short-changing yourself when it comes to sleep? Bad sleep patterns can impact your productivity at work and your overall health.


Older workers key to our future

According Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, the key to our nation’s economic growth is ensuring older Australians stay in the workforce.


Youth can’t replace experience

Australia may be ‘dumbed down’ as baby boomers move towards retirement.

The Power of Oldness

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) recently launched a new video and awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the value of older workers in Australia.

Career Doctor

Creating job security

The easiest way to avoid looking for a job in this tricky economic climate is to keep the one you’ve already got. Susan Moir shares how to make yourself invaluable and improve your job security.

Job Search

Can you help Uno?

Currently selling The Big Issue to get by, Uno is a highly qualified 52-year old male, looking for gainful employment. As he’s not afraid of hard work, is there anyone who can help?

Job Search

Part-time HR position – Sydney

Are you looking for an HR role, three days per week, in the Sydney area? Adage, a jobs board for mature-age workers, currently has posted a part-time position, suited to an experienced HR professional. If you think this could be your next role, or wish to have a look at what other positions are available, visit

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