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Inducing consumer paralysis: how retailers bury customers in an avalanche of choice

Sometimes big isn’t better. The more energy plans to choose from, for instance, does not mean you will make the best budgeting decision. Quite the reverse in fact.


When will you receive your Energy Assistance Payment?

True to its word, the Government has passed legislation on the one-off Energy Assistance Payment for pensioners, et al, but when will you actually receive it?


How to check if your heater is a potential killer

Before you switch on your heater, you should check whether it’s a potential killer.

Finance News

Are you being overcharged for energy?

Is your energy provider incorrectly charging you too much for your usage? If you believe so, you’re not alone.

Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019: At least one budget measure is guaranteed

One thing is guaranteed in this Budget, but it may or may not influence the way Australians will vote. It’s the one-off energy rebate announced last weekend.

Federal Budget

Government pledges one-off $75 energy payment

The Coalition announced on Sunday that it will offer one-off payments to nearly four million welfare recipients.


Is your power discount in jeopardy?

Report warns that energy companies may look to shore up profits by dropping discount plans.

Finance News

Are you loyal to your energy retailer? It could be costing you

Over-55s are more likely to have stayed loyal to their gas and electricity retailers – and have paid through the nose for that loyalty. So how can you break the loyalty trap and get the rates you deserve?


Quarter of solar rooftop panels pose high risk: audit

A national audit has found that up to one-quarter of all solar rooftop units inspected posed a severe or high risk due to faulty wiring and unsecured panels.


Immediate cuts to power bills

Following political pressure from the Coalition Government, several electricity companies –including the big three – have committed to passing on savings to long-time customers.


State Government offering $50 for comparing your energy provider

The Victorian Government wants to pay you $50 to compare your energy provider and get a cheaper power bill from its Victorian Energy Compare website.


The bill shock you may not know about – but should

Electricity consumers in many states are failing to take full advantage of cheaper plans.

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