Bert: a comedian always in search of ‘a good ending’

The late Bert Newton, an icon of Australian broadcasting, is remembered as a master performer and comedian.

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Books guaranteed to make you cry

In need of some catharsis? Try these emotionally charged books guaranteed to make you cry.


Three side-splitting jokes about monkeys

Let’s face it, monkeys often make us laugh, so here are two simian jokes that are sure to get you chuckling.

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Unusual ice cream flavours around the world

You can now get mac and cheese ice cream. Here are eight other unusual flavours from around the world.


Friday Funnies: Doctor vs the lawyer

Who wins when a lawyer attempts to pocket $100 in a tussle with a GP?


Fabulous ABBA outfits we'd still wear today

As ABBA reunites for a new album, here are some of the band's most fabulous outfits we'd still wear today - and some we'd likely skip.


Nine of the most unfortunate place names in the world

From Idiotville to Hell: Nine places around the world with extremely unfortunate names.


10 photos that will make you see the world differently

10 incredible submissions from the CEWE Photo Awards that will make you see the world a little differently.


Friday Funnies: We’re going nuts

Heard the one about the preacher, the elderly woman and the bowl of nuts?


Quiz: Can you identify a city from four photos?

Can you tell which world city you're looking at, just from four pictures?

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Unusual European traditions

You might be in for a shock when you hear about these weird and wonderful European traditions.


Things you'll only know if you're a cat person

Nine things you only know if you're a cat person. Every feline fan will be able to relate.

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