Carole King - You've got a friend

Listen to Carole King's live performance of You’ve got a friend.

Speilberg’s 'Lincoln' nails it

Cancel the Oscars. There’s no need for further speculation; the awards for best actor and actress are already in the bag.

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Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is my movie recommendation of the week, but if you need further convincing just watch the trailer.

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The Hobbit – an unexpected journey

I nearly didn’t see The Hobbit – an unexpected journey. They have broken the novel The Hobbit down into three movies instead of one, and I thought it was a decision made based on the profit margin.


Hugh Jackman's award success

Will Hugh take home an Oscar at next month's ceremony?


Watch the Queen in 3D

If you have a pair of 3D glasses to hand, why not watch this quick video of the Queen in 3D to see how she’ll look?

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Rachel and Drew disagree over the new James Bond film Skyfall


The best of JR

As JR Ewing in the long-running soap Dallas, Larry Hagman delighted audiences with his cutting one-liners and even the Queen Mother wanted to know who shot JR.


Rocket Man

It’s been 40 years since Sir Elton had a hit with Rocket Man and it’s still being enjoyed by crowds the world over.

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Jack Irish

As a fully paid-up member of the Peter Temple fan club, my excitement was barely containable upon learning of the two telemovies which the ABC was planning to screen.


Michael Palin - Brazil

Watch Michael Palin in the first episode of his new series Brazil as he swims with pink river dolphins in the Amazon.

Movie Reviews

Redfern Now

Rarely, very rarely, will a new program engage the viewer from the outset. Such was the effect of Redfern Now. Although I’d seen countless promos in the preceding weeks, one grows sceptical, not wishing to be seduced by the usual hype. But the reverse was the case with the first episode entitled ‘Family’ screened last Thursday. No number of promos could have prepared the viewer for just how riveting this new, indigenous drama series is. If the remaining five episodes are equal to the first, then Redfern Now is required viewing.

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