Health news

What grease-proofing is doing to the world and your health

The grease-proofing process is leaving dangerous chemicals in the environment – and potentially harming your health.


Should we stop using sheet masks?

Is it time we stopped using beauty sheet masks for environmental reasons?


Microplastics found in soil samples, but health impacts unknown

Researchers at the University of Newcastle have discovered microplastics in backyard soil samples. But the health impacts remain unclear.

Federal Government

Party that once stood tall has become an 'AntiClimax'

Opinion: Peter Leith says a once-great party has become a 'dunny cart'.


Leading supermarket tests BYO container system

Campaign to cut down on plastic packaging welcomed, but more changes needed, say environmentalists.


Five foods threatened by climate change

Unprecedented weather events, water scarcity and increasingly acidic oceans are all things affecting how foods are farmed, grown and caught.


Effective ways to fight litter in your area

Six ways to fight litter and plastic waste that don't feel like a chore.


Wondering if your energy company takes climate change seriously?

A new report assessed Australia's highest-emitting energy firms and found none were fully or even closely aligned with global climate goals.


We're the worst in the world, so prepare for a major shopping makeover

Australia produces more single-use plastic waste per capita than any nation and supermarkets have vowed to play their part in 'the fix'.


Carmakers want to replace excises with a tax on how far you drive

The car industry wants a major nationwide overhaul of vehicle registration, stamp duty, licence fees and fuel excise, replacing them with a tax for every kilometre you drive.


Things we really should be recycling

The international recycling ban threw Australia into a messy waste crisis. Here are 10 things we should be recycling more of.


What can go in the compost bin?

Pretty soon, many more Australians are going to be composting their food waste.

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