ACTU report: gender pay gap alive and kicking

Think women have reached financial equality with men? Think again. According to the ACTU, men are still being paid an average of 20 per cent more than women for the same jobs.


Emma Watson’s empowering UN speech

In her impassioned speech at the UN, actress Emma Watson invited men to get behind feminism.

Women only?

Research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) on the housework undertaken by Australian boys and girls reveals that, despite the perception of equality, there remains a gender gap when it comes to household chores.

Same sex couples have dinner with Julia Gillard

Three same-sex couples dined with Julia Gillard and her partner last night at The Lodge. The couples won the exclusive dinner last year at the Press Gallery Midwinter Ball charity auction. The couples were backed by activist group GetUp!, which bid $31,000 on their behalf.

Pensioners aren't cool enough

I do not begrudge the three same-sex couples their dinner with our Prime Minister last night. But why them? Why not, say, three pensioners who would like to discuss the fact that after working hard their whole lives they now can’t afford health insurance or dental care?