Where there’s a will, there’s Rod Cunich

Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich has help hundreds of YourLifeChoices members with their queries about wills and end-of-life planning. We decided it was time to find out more about the man behind the answers.

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Ten million Australians don’t have a will: study

Millions of Australians don’t have a will and are in danger of losing control of their estate upon dying, leaving loved ones without a cent, says new research.

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Can spouse and daughter share power of attorney duties?

Ellie wants to know the protocols around appointing powers of attorney. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich offers his advice.

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Do you really need a will to make sure your wishes are fulfilled?

Amy has jewellery she’d like to leave to her family, but she’s not too keen on making a will. So she’s asked YourLifeChoices’ estate planning expert Rod Cunich if she can bypass the red tape and still be assured of fulfilling her wishes.

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Rod Cunich’s Inbox: How do you complete a health-care directive?

Jim doesn’t want to be hooked up to machines should he ever have an accident or fall terminally ill. Estate planning expert Rod Cunich explains what he needs to do.

Estate planning & wills

Making these top five estate planning mistakes could be costly

These top five estate-planning mistakes earn that ‘honour’ because they are not only the most common mistakes, they also have some of the most devastating consequences.

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Is being a guarantor really something you should consider

Legal expert Rod Cunich outlines the pros and cons of being a guarantor – just how much could you be signing away?

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Transferring parents’ home to stop sister inheriting

Kerry’s family is estranged from one of her sisters and they are keen to put in place the correct legal arrangement to ensure she does not receive any part of the parents’ home as inheritance. Legal expert Rod Cunich offers this general advice.


Is a trust the right option for your estate? Rod Cunich explains

Determining how to pass your inheritance on to the next generation is a difficult decision to make. Rod Cunich explains some of the issues your descendants might encounter.

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Is one executor of a will enough? Rod Cunich explains

In his latest video from YourLifeChoices Retirement Bootcamp Q&A, Rod Cunich explains when it may be beneficial to have more than one executor for your will.

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What if he writes me out of his will?

Even though Rob has cared for his father for years, Rob’s dad keeps threatening to disinherit him. He’s asked legal expert Rod Cunich how best to handle this situation.

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Should Paul’s second wife be the beneficiary?

Paul has married for a second time and doesn't want to change his will. His second wife thinks he should. Legal expert Rod Cunich offers his take on the situation.

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