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Are online wills legally binding?

Online wills are often seen as a more affordable way of getting your affairs in order. But are they legally binding?

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Trusts: would you benefit from one?

A trust arrangement can be beneficial if used correctly, but they don't suit everyone. Legal expert Rod Cunich explains who should use one and how they work.

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Is a will worth the paper it’s written on?

We often read sensational stories about wills being challenged. Sometimes the reported outcomes appear outrageous. Legal expert Rod Cunich explains the process of challenging a will.

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Wills: time to leave your legacy

How many of you have a will? Don't think you’ll leave enough to fight over? Legal expert Rod Cunich offers a wake-up call for those who simply believe everything will be okay.

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Estate planning – do your debts die with you?

What happens to debts when you die? Is your family responsible for paying them off? Legal expert Rod Cunich explains what ensues when you leave behind your debts.

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Who will be my executor?

Being an executor is not a task for the faint-hearted. Ask anyone who has lived through it and they’ll tell you that the duties can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. So, how do you choose the right person to manage your affairs?

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Managing inheritance expectations

Inheritance can tear families apart, but a few common-sense steps could make for a more harmonious distribution of your wealth once you’re gone.

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DIY will kits

Pamela wants to know how to activate probate when in possession of a DIY will and if such kits are actually a good idea.

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De facto claims on estate

The importance of updating a will often becomes apparent too late for the surviving members of a family. But what happens when you’re in a de facto relationship?


How can I clarify my succession planning needs?

Do you know whether your succession planning needs are straight-forward or whether you have family or financial circumstances which require special attention? Do you know where to start, who you can turn to for assistance and what it will involve?

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The value of good advice

Proceeding through life without a succession plan is similar to sailing in unchartered waters without any navigational aids or emergency equipment. Your passage is full of uncertainty and potential risk, and without luck, you have no idea whether you’ll reach your destination. Being prepared for the future brings certainty, peace of mind and security, not only for you, but also for your family.


Who will get your money?

After years of hard work, accumulating wealth and paying off debt, many people do not have a will. In fact, this is the case with 47 per cent of adult Australians. Rod Cunich of Slater & Gordon explains what happens to your money if you have no will or your will is out-of-date.

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