Checking in: France’s best hostel

I’ve always said that, as a travel writer, it’s my duty to test things out and report back, which is how I came to find myself checking into the best hostel in France.


Can I afford to go to Stockholm?

The first city I've been to where I've had to stop and think about what I want to do and whether it's worth it. Is Stockholm really the must-see destination everyone says it is?


Amsterdam: how to make the most of your visit

I’m so used to travelling to Europe when I head home to visit my parents that I take it for granted I won't run into any issues along the way. However, my recent trip to Amsterdam proved that I had become just a little too blasé with my travel planning. Mistakes are there to be made and learned from and to ensure that you don't waste as much time and money as I did, here are five tips I feel obliged to pass on.


The Côte d'Azur’s hidden gem

Never mind the overrated glitz and glamour of Monaco and Cannes or the overrun tourist trap that can be Nice. If ever there was proof you should head for the hills, Eze is it.


Five European summer schedules

There’s nothing quite like a European summer. But with so much to see and often a shortage of time, where should you start? We’ve got five itineraries for you to choose from.


Travel SOS: what’s the best way to ‘do’ Europe?

Julie is planning on a visit to the UK and, while she’s in the neighbourhood, thought she’d enjoy a short stint in Europe. She’s asked Lee Mylne for some advice on the best way plan her adventure.


Free and discounted travel around Europe released

If you’re planning and budgeting for a European summer holiday in 2017, you should take advantage of Rail Europe's newly released free and discounted travel deals.


Travel SOS: planning a European river cruise

Jennie is planning a European river cruise – or would be if she knew where to start. Enter Kay O’Sullivan who, in Travel SOS, is happy to give her some direction.


The good, 'bad' and beautiful in Budapest

While chatting to Tim Webster on his Talking Travel segment, Kaye was delighted to share her top five experiences in Budapest. So, what’s good, 'bad' and beautiful about this eastern European city?


Tom Neal Tacker talks overlooked art masterpieces

Europe is brimming with masterpieces and historic sites. While some of them get the lion’s share of publicity, others merit comparable attention – without the crowds. Here’s a shortlist of the best of them.


Captivating Krakow: more highs than lows

Mention Poland to travellers and eyebrows are raised. Known or not, it evokes a similar response. ‘Why are you going there?’ is a typical query that Tom Neal Tacker is only too happy to address.


Off the beaten tourist path in Paris

When you’ve stopped being blinded by the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, here are four hidden places off the tourist track to seek out.

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