$184 4-star hotel Paris

Half price accommodation at Le Méridien Etoile Paris.


$4137 7-night Adriatic cruise

Save on a luxury cruise on the Adriatic Sea.


How to get your tax back overseas

Carolyn is travelling to the UK and wonders if she can claim the VAT tax back


Cycling through Europe

Our Savvy Traveller offers some cycling advice


Best coffee in Barcelona

One of the most important things an Australian wants to know when travelling is where they can get the best coffee?


Savvy Traveller – Europe on a budget

YOURLifeChoices member John hasn’t been back to Europe since he emigrated in the 50s and is keen to take a trip back down memory lane. Our Savvy Traveller has some hot tips to help him make the most of his limited travel budget.


Making the most of Europe by train

This week YOURLifeChoices Savvy Traveller has some valuable advice for Peter to help him plan his European train adventure.


$969 8-day Mediterranean yachting

Intrepid My Adventure Store is having a Mediterranean yachting sale. Choose from six different trips for $969 per person, twin share. Valid for departures between 4 May and 15 June 2013.

Rail Tours

The world is your oyster

If you’re a train enthusiast planning your next trip or are thinking of taking a rail-based holiday for the first time and need some inspiration, Rail Plus has every rail journey covered in Your World On Track.

European Rail Tours

See Europe with a Eurail pass

Make your way through Europe at your own pace with the flexibility of a Eurail pass. Whether you’re on a whistle-stop tour, or taking things a little more leisurely, there’s a Eurail pass to suit your travel plans and budget.


Voyage of Mediterranean Discovery

Spring is one of the most delightful times to visit Europe and enjoy the breathtaking sights, sounds and scents, all of which Italy has in abundance. MSC Cruises has the ideal Mediterranean itinerary to explore and experience all that the chicest country in the world has on offer.


The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a trip through Europe, often following a specific route, which was undertaken by upper-class young European men. A Grand Tour could last from three months to several years, and was designed to educate the upcoming aristocracy in antiquities, artworks, music, local culture, geography and the nature of man.

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