Australia hands out money

The Age has today reported that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) told the world it will need $1 trillion to stave off a ‘1930s moment’. The money would go to nations such as Italy and Spain which are in economic crisis to stop the rest of the world from being dragged down.

What is a trillion, and should we spend it?

When I read that the International Monetary Fund needed (is that like I need oxygen, or like I need a 1953 Jag?) $1 trillion to stop the world from imploding the first thing I thought was “I have no idea how much $1 trillion really is”.

Tours & Trips

Top ten overseas destinations

A trip overseas is no doubt a luxury yet surprisingly, over 40 per cent of YOURLifeChoices subscribers undertake international travel at least once a year. So where are they travelling?

Eastern Mediterranean

Exploring Samatya

If you look on most maps, you won't find Samatya. That's because the modern name is Mustafapasa, but even today, just about everyone in Istanbul refers to it by the Byzantine name of Samatya, meaning sandy place.


Be My Guest Provencale Lamb

Trafalgar captures the true essence of Europe with its exclusive Be My Guest dining experiences. These special treats give you a unique opportunity to savour authentic dishes of a region.

Cruise Deals

Great singles cruise deals

Great singles cruise deals

European Rail Tours

Free Camera with every Eurail Pass

Dinner in Paris, lying on a Greek beach, shopping in Barcelona, wandering through Tuscany, and you will have the happy holiday snaps to help you remember your European Adventure. Simply purchase a Eurail Global Pass and you could be taking your photos with a free Olympus digital camera.


In the Captain’s safe hands

Captain Jonathon Mercer has been at sea for 40 years, ever since he didn’t make the cut to become a BOAC (now British Airways) pilot and his parents suggested he instead try a life at sea.


Catalan charm

Opened in November 2009, the Barcelona Mandarin Oriental retains the east meets west ambience of its cousins in other major cities, while featuring a design playfulness which perfectly matches the exuberant spirit of Catalan. Local architect Patricia Urquiola uses giant white lacy screens and a sophisticated blend of beige, white and black, with accents of mustard or lime in the Blanc restaurant and breakfast room. Above is a ‘secret garden’, the Mimosa Garden, for more private rendezvous.


Europe and Britain in style

If you’re looking for a travel experience which will take you deep inside Europe and deliver unforgettable memories, Trafalgar has a number of guided holidays on offer which do just that.


Let the story begin in…Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of energy and intensity. How can this be said? It’s an entirely emotional judgment, based on the local colour and the vibe of the streets.

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