Exclusive offer: big savings on Blue Planet II Live in Concert

YourLifeChoices members can now enjoy an exclusive 30 per cent discount on Premium and A Reserve tickets to Blue Planet II Live in Concert, coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this March.


Respecting the sacrifice of those who fought

Steve Perkin wonders whether those of us who didn’t serve in a war truly recognise the sacrifices made by those who did.

Hong Kong

Nowhere compares to Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Today marks Chinese New Year, and celebrations break out all over the world, but nowhere can compare to the dazzling festivities that take place in Hong Kong - making it the place to be each new year.

Northern Territory

Five quirky Aussie events you didn't know existed

Love a fun event, but want to try something you can’t do back home? The Northern Territory is home to some of Australia’s quirkiest events that you won’t soon forget!


Beers, ciders, gourmet food vendors, live music: GABF is better than great!

Geelong is playing host to the Great Australian Beer Festival on 18 February. With over 200 beers and ciders and 13 gourmet food vendors, it’s not just great, it’s spectacular!


Canada: what’s happening this year

If you’re keen to head to Canada, you will want to ensure that you experience as much as you can. So, to help you plan ahead, here’s what’s happening in Canada over the coming months.


Free fun in Australia

Looking for something a little different? We've put together a list of the weirdest and whackiest events in Australia, from a tuna throwing competition to the Victorian Gnome festival. Why not get out and have some fun at a free event near you?

Community connections

There’s something interesting and fun to do at all of Lend Lease's villages across Australia, every day of the week – whether it be taking part in some sort of sports competition, such as golf, tennis or lawn bowls, joining a book club or attending more formal events hosted by each village.

Travelling On A Budget

Free fun at Easter

The following list covers major festivals and events taking place this weekend

Tours & Trips

Top ten overseas destinations

A trip overseas is no doubt a luxury yet surprisingly, over 40 per cent of YOURLifeChoices subscribers undertake international travel at least once a year. So where are they travelling?


Make one of Malaysia’s festivals or events the highlight of your holiday

From mystical spiritual festivals, to shopping extravaganzas and world-class sporting events, Malaysia offers a variety of events and festivals that will provide the perfect addition to your holiday.


Malaysian festival and events calendar set to spice up your holiday

Malaysia’s rich and diverse culture is celebrated with a large range of festivals and celebrations every year.